Top 11 Registered Pediatricians in Siliguri

Top 11 Registered Pediatricians in Siliguri

A Pediatrician is a Child Specialist who has been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP)to own the official license of a Pediatrician. This license can be obtained by medical practitioners only after they appear for an examination held by the ABP.
Under the criteria issued by ABP, a medical practitioner should also acquire a three-year training of Pediatric Residency to become an official Pediatrician. Also known as a Child Specialist, a Pediatrician is a doctor who has an extensive knowledge regarding children & medical issues exclusive to their age.
When you are searching for a Pediatrician for your child, it is always advisable to find one who has a sub-specialty in Neonatology. This ensures that your Pediatrician can offer you full assistance with meticulous medical procedures that are required to be administered on a pre-term baby or a normal term baby who develops sickness in the early months of his/her life. Consulting a highly skilled professional for a pre-term baby is highly advisable. But if your baby is healthy & is born at a normal term, don’t go easy on the qualifications or the experience. A mere license issued is not enough. We recommend consulting a Pediatrician who comes by an experience of more than a decade, just to be on the safe side. You want to leave your baby on expert hands in case of just-in-case emergencies. And it is when field experience of a Pediatrician matters the most.
It is fairly difficult to find a Pediatrician who comes with a healthy experience background & is well versed in performing elaborate medical procedures like Neonatal Resuscitation, Application of Mechanical Ventilation, handling CPAP Machines & administering Surfactant in times of potential emergency.
Hence, here is a compiled list of 11 registered pediatricians in Siliguri that you would like to consider consulting –

1. Dr. Poonam Singh:

She has an experience of 6 years in the field of Pediatrics. Her qualifications are an MBBS Degree done in Honours & an MD Degree obtained in Pediatrics. Dr.Singh is a life member of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. She has worked as a Pediatrician with Arogya Niketan Nursing Home & Himalayan Home. Presently, she is a Pediatrician & a Neonatologist working with Neotia Getwel Healthcare, Siliguri.

2. Dr. Tanushree Rachel Peters:

One of the best Pediatricians in Siliguri, Dr.Tanushree R. Peters has an experience of 12 years in the field of Pediatrics. She has availed the training in Pediatric Intensive Care from Apollo Hospital, Chennai & has obtained an MBBS Degree. She has completed her post graduate course in Pediatric Nutrition from Boston University USA. Dr.Tanushree, pediatrician in Siliguri is a life member of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics & a member of the National Neonatology Forum. She has worked with the North Bengal University & College in the past. Presently, she has her own clinic called the Rainbow Children’s Clinic in Iskcon Mandir Road. She is also visiting consultant in Dr.Nayak Nursing Home, Shanti Nursing Home, North Bengal Neuro Hospital, Dr.Malay’s Nursing Home.

3. Dr. Brahma Dev Singh:

He is a Consultant Pediatrician in Chhang’s Super Speciality Hospital and specializes in Pediatric Critical Care & Dermatology. He is also a Registrar in the Neonatal Department of Neotia Getwel Healthcare, Siliguri. Dr.Brahma has an MBBS Degree & an MD Degree. He also attends regular appointments registered in the Pediatric Department of North Bengal Medical College & Hospital, Siliguri.

4. Dr. Prince Parakh:

He has an MBBS & MD degree in Pediatrics. He has 8 years of experience in the Pediatric business and is presently associated with Arogya Niketan Nursing Home, New Ramakrishna Seva Sadan & Neotia Getwel Healthcentre as a Pediatrician and a Neonatology Consultant. He has delivered Neonatal Resuscitation workshops and is highly skilled in handling situations pertaining to a neonatal emergency.

5. Dr. Nitisk Kumar:

He has an MBBS & MD degree in Pediatrics & has been involved with three medical centers namely Anandaloke Hospital & Neurosciences Centre, Siliguri, North Bengal Medical College & Hospital and AVA Polyclinic, Siliguri.

6. Dr. Sanjay Chowdhury:

He is a Pediatrician & Neonatologist with an MBBS & MD degree practicing in Anandaloke Hospital & Neurosciences Center, Siliguri. He is also a Pediatric Consultant in New Ramakrishna Seva Sadan, Siliguri.

7. Dr. Dipak Ghosh:

He is one of the well-reputed Pediatricians in Siliguri. He’s also a Neonatologist with an MBBS, MS, M.CH & a DNB degree. Currently, he is a Pediatric Consultant in Anandaloke Hospital & Neurosciences Centre, Siliguri.

8. Dr. Ajit Chhetri:

He is a Pediatrician currently practicing at Medica North Bengal Clinic, Siliguri. He has an MBBS & an MD degree in Pediatrics & offers eleven healthcare packages like regular pediatric health check-ups that include radiology sessions, blood & urine test, et cetera.

9. Dr. Ujjal Chatterjee:

He has an MBBS & DCXH degree and specializes in Pediatrics. He is a Pediatric Consultant in Medica North Bengal Clinic, Siliguri. He offers exclusive pediatric counseling & assistance in the clinic along with the provision of various general & specialized tests for infants & children.

10. Dr. Rajiv:

He is a Pediatrician & a Child Therapist with an MBBS & MD degree in Pediatrics. He specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology, ENT, Nephrology, and more. He currently practices in Mitra Nursing Home & Medicine Corner, Ward 1, Siliguri.

11. Dr. Manish Madhav:

He is a Pediatric Surgeon in Siliguri, working with Neotia Getwel Healthcare to perform minimally invasive & corrective surgeries on infants & children. He has also worked with KEM Hospital & GS Medical College, Mumbai. He has an MS degree in General Surgery & MCH degree in pediatric surgery.
So read through the information & take experience & education of the Pediatricians into serious consideration prior to choosing the best child Specialist for your child.

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