Top 5 Tips To Newborn Baby Care In Winter

Top 5 Tips To Newborn Baby Care In Winter

We all know that winter is one of those harsh seasons when parents are generally worried about their baby`s health. Becoming a parent in itself is a real challenging task and for the first time parents who have just brought their dear one home in the peak of cold season are probable of getting nervous regarding their newborn baby`s health.
Newborn comes with lot of responsibilities for parents. Since their immune system is still developing, they are particularly vulnerable to the cold winter weather that brings colds, flu, and viruses. Here are some safety winter tips on how to take care of a newborn baby in winter. So, read on.
1. Keep Your Hands Clean:

Because newborn babies come with a weak immune system, they are highly susceptible to infections. So, keeping in mind your child`s safety and good health, make sure to keep your- your baby`s hands and anyone who holds him/her have their hands clean. This is the most effective method of keeping at bay colds, flu and germs.
2. Breast-Feeding:

Feeding, which is one of the major concerns of newborn baby care is the best way to boost his immunity. Breastfeeding is the best you can do to build your baby`s immunity which also helps him in fighting against viruses and infections. In fact, it is highly recommended that an infant should be provided with mother`s milk or formula milk until six months.
3. Wrap your baby in warm clothes:

Babies need to wear clothes a layer more than adults. It is very important to make your baby wear warm and comfortable clothes so as to remain safe from winter colds and infections. Although our instincts say that keeping babies warm is a better way to keep them safe but according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it is highly recommended to avoid over-bundling of infants. This is because it can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So this season, help your newborn baby with winter clothes such as warm mittens and socks.
4. Massage:

Massage is a very important aspect of newborn baby winter care, and also a great way of developing a bond between parents and child. This technique of baby care is even more effective during winters since it helps in improving blood circulation and building immunity. Massaging also has many other benefits such as improving digestion, weight gain, and sleep. For this, you can use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil but the best for winter days is mustard seed oil. Make sure you warm up your hands and oil ahead so that your baby doesn`t feel cold. Besides, be sure you don`t massage your baby while she is asleep or being fed.
5. Room Heating Appliances:

Of course, winter at extreme places are biting cold but before installing room heating appliances such as heater and blowers, you must be really careful because this is something which can be a matter of your infant`s life and death. Such appliances absorb the moisture from air thereby increasing dryness in the room. This leads to cause sweat and discomfort, bleeding or even death.
Hope these tips on newborn baby care will help you keep your baby far away from any illness this winter. And if there are still matters concerning you, then approach the nearest child specialist or doctor for any help.

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